Ecological and Historical Research

The Butler Conservation Fund is dedicated to ecological and historical research to expand our collective understanding of the world around us. Collecting and sharing data and information will enhance the visitor experience and inspire generations to become engaged stewards of our natural world. 


Our research goals are to: 

  • determine what natural resources are present so we can protect them, manage them, study and predict changes in them; and, 

  • deepen our understanding of the land, the river and the human experience in this area over time.


The Butler Conservation Fund has commissioned the following studies. 


  • Bird Checklist by Brogin Van Skoik, adjunct faculty member, Department of Biology, The Citadel. This study catalogs resident and migratory species that have visited and nested on the property, including five that are rare or endangered.



  • Botanical Studies by Dr. Richard Porcher, distinguished South Carolina biologist, historian, conservationist and former Citadel professor, and Cecelia Dailey, botanist, lecturer, exhibiting photographer and conservationist.  

Vascular Flora on Black River Cypress Preserve

Vascular Flora of the Peninsula Tract

The BCF plans additional work on birds, reptiles, mammals, insects and mosses along with broadening the scope of the forest ecology and restoration program. 


We invite scientists and researchers of many specialties to consider the Black River Cypress Preserve and Peninsula Tract as an adjunct outdoor laboratory. To explore research opportunities, contact Erin Pate at the Cypress Preserve


Additional Resources:




  • Visit the Butler Conservation Fund’s iNaturalist site to see recent plant and wildlife observations at the Black River Cypress Preserve and the Peninsula Tract. Plan your visit and be sure to document your findings using the iNaturalist app.